Thursday, 16 October 2014

Beauty blog: LouLouBelle skincare one week on.

This time last week I received my pretty little package from Magda. As I explained in my first LouLouBelle blog, Magda is the lovely founder of LouLouBelle skincare, and after reading my woeful blogs about battles with problem skin, kindly decided to send me some skincare gifts in the hopes that they could make my skin beautiful. I have suffered with oily, spot prone skin for as far back into my early teens as I can bear to remember, and despite my trials with many a prestigious skincare product, I have never seen any noticeable results. 

Each of the three products I received (geranium and tea tree cleanser, lavender and cypress toner and a lovely calendula moisturiser) have been specially formulated for oily/problem skin using only the ingredients that Magda believes are necessary to have the most positive effects on the skin. Each product is made using specially selected essential oils, plant essences and floral waters. More importantly, Magda operates under strict animal friendly guidelines, which I was delighted to hear! Each of the beautifully scented products are tested on friends, family or on Magda herself. They refuse to test their products on animals and avoid bleaching agents, sulphates or artificial colourings or fragrances at all costs. 

Results at last... 

Whilst my skin is a long way from being completely clear of spots, I have already observed the positive results Magda's products promise. My spots are no longer raised or sensitive, there are fewer of them and they are barely visible once I have performed my makeup regime, which is great. My skin feels refreshed and hydrated, smells wonderful and - for the first time in a long time, looks as healthy as it feels. 

My daily skincare regime...

In the mornings, I always feel terribly groggy until I have had that all important cup of tea. So, I like to make sure that my first task of the day is to pour myself an extra large cup. Following my morning shower, I flush my face with icy cold water, which always leaves my skin feeling toned and refreshed. 

I begin my makeup regime by using my LouLouBelle products to prepare my skin. Firstly, I apply a generous spot of cleanser to cotton wool, and then gently glide across my cheeks, forehead and chin, ensuring that I have covered my entire face and neck. I always ensure that I pay particular attention to the most oily areas. I then apply two squirts of toner to a separate piece of cotton wool and again, gently wipe the cotton across my cheeks, forehead and chin. Whilst it is perfectly safe to use cleanser around the gentle eye area, it is recommended that contact with this area is avoided when applying the toner. Finally, I apply a pea-sized amount of moisturizer to the back of my hand, and distribute this evenly across my face and neck. This process usually takes around five minutes to complete, and always leaves me feeling completely refreshed...and my skin feeling radiant. 

When I return home from a long day in our very vibrant office, the first thing on my agenda is to completely rid my skin of the impurities of the day. As I work in a busy city, I am always conscious of the effects of pollution that may be the root cause of my problem skin, and I believe it is essential to cleanse my skin of these as soon as I possibly can. Repeating the mornings' regime to remove my make-up, I thoroughly clean my face and neck to leave myself feeling refreshed once more. 

I really hope the exhausting search for THE perfect product for me is finally over!

Like many, I have suffered with problem skin for as long as I can remember. Spots get a huge thumbs-down from me!

With make-up, and thanks to LouLouBelle, my spots are slowly starting to disappear. 

I am so excited to see the long term results of my LouLouBelle regime! 

A peek inside my makeup bag...


Eyebrows: The "Foxy" HD Brow palette, £25.00

Mascara: Bare Minerals Lash Domination, £17.00

Eyeshadow: Bourjois Intense Extrait 01, £6.99 


Foundation: Rimmel Wake Me Up, £8.99

Pearlescent powder: No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder, £11.50

Blush: No7 Natural Blush Cream, £8.00


Lush "My Boy Lollipop" Bubblegum Lip Scrub, £5.00

Do you have a totally reliable skincare routine? Please share it with me! 

Lou x 

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